Where are we?

  • You are living moments of transformationn
  • You want to reconnect with your essence
  • Do you want to enjoy 3 wonderful days in community?

Enjoy a Conscious Connection meeting and celebrate the new cycle



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Ermita Vieja Nature Classroom,

Sierra Nevada.
Light factory road, km 2

18152 Dilar, Granada.

We will enjoy this experience in a Natural Park.

There will also be time to rest, connect with your feelings, enjoy, bathe in the river, sunbathe, read, walk, make new friends and visit magical places in the area.


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Frequent questions

We want to have as natural an experience as possible. Around the hostel there are
Space to park but not for so many people. 500 meters before reaching the hostel next to the river there is a large esplanade. We recommend leaving your cars at this place and walking to the hostel.

Queremos tener una experiencia lo más natural posible. Alrededor del albergue hay
espacio para aparcar pero no para tanta gente. A 500 metros antes de llegar al albergue junto al rio hay una gran explanada. Recomendamos dejar los coches en este lugar y caminar hasta el alberge.

The food will be healthy, vegetarian and homemade. Made in the center. by own kitchen staff.

We have 75 places in Hostel format. And, 40 places in camping format (each person brings their equipment to place in the surrounding nature).

The distribution in the shared rooms is mixed in order of arrival, if you want to share with someone, you can get the ticket and reserve a place by making a reservation for several people.

La distribución en las habitaciones compartidas es mixta en orden de llegada, si quieres compartir con alguien, podéis sacar la entrada y reservar plaza haciendo una reserva para varias personas.

Participants in shared room accommodation must provide a set of 90 cm sheets and their belongings.
personal hygiene, the shower towel is not included in the accommodation.
We recommend bringing comfortable summer clothes and something warm for the sunset and nights.
Closed footwear for walking through the forest.
Whatever you need for the river if you want to bathe.
Sun and mosquito lotion.
A water bottle to refill during the Festival.
If you have one, bring your yoga mat, cushion or any item you want to be comfortable during workshops and activities. We are going to be hand to hand with the earth for a long time.
Ear plugs.
Notebook and pen to write throughout the experience.

From the organization we believe in the self-awareness of the participants since we feel that we are all on paths of personal and spiritual growth and that these types of encounters help us find, see and feel ourselves. themselves.

We believe it is necessary to establish minimum standards of coexistence, to create optimal, pleasant and reasonable circumstances for everyone.


Starting at 00:30, silence will be maintained in the house to ensure the rest of colleagues and encourage the integration of daily activities.

Alcoholic beverages and psychotropic substances are not allowed during the meeting and are not recommended for this type of festival.

We do not recommend taking photos or videos during the transformation workshops.

The organization will take photographs and/or videos during the meeting. This material will be published on our networks and website. It will be used to promote the school.

If someone does not want their image to be disseminated, they must communicate this by indicating that they do not want to be published and also tell the photographer during the meeting.

If you have any allergies or intolerance, please tell us at the time of registration.

Tobacco: Smoking may be permitted in the designated areas.

If you are undergoing medical treatment (physical or psychological) or have an illness, you must notify the organization in writing at the time of registration. Ultimately, each person is responsible for their own treatment.

Respect between colleagues is key in this type of encounter. Any person that the organization considers to be disrupting coexistence or not respecting the rules will not be able to continue in the meeting.

Do you have any questions or queries?